Carter Jean

Carter Jean

If you are reading this, it means that you have been following our baby girl’s journey. Becoming parents to a baby in Heaven is hard, and I am seeing that it is something many do not talk about.  No one really shares about their stillborn, or infant loss, and in an effort to change that…we are sharing our story.

 I am so proud to share details of her story and I hope that you are able to see the true peace only Jesus Christ can bring to a terrible situation. We have been overwhelmed by the love you all have shown us and we are so grateful to have you in our lives.

Our Sweet baby girl is in the presence of Jesus and we could not have a greater peace about that. We know that our Sovereign God makes no mistakes and that he is using her life to carry our a much greater plan than we could ever imagine. We will miss our little girl, but knowing that we will see her again one day is our miracle.

Our hope is that you understand that our relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way we can see things in this light and it is where all our peace comes from. We serve a GOOD God, who is faithful and never-failing. Knowing that all things are working for His good, changes the way any of us can handle any trial. Through our relationship with Him, we know that Carter’s life was no mistake. Her loss has made us draw closer to God and crave a deeper relationship with Him. He is using her in mighty ways and that is all we could ever ask for as parents.

Please continue to walk this journey with us. Continue to pray and encourage us as we live our lives as parents to a child in Heaven. WE are so grateful for you and we thank you for loving our little girl.