DIY Magic Lights

DIY Magic Lights

I shared the other day my new “Magic Lights” in my living room! They are so cute, easy and most importantly AFFORDABLE!

We had the biggest issue putting lights that weren’t too bring in our living room. We wanted to have light, but being on a main road, we also didn’t want everyone and the world to be able to see in our house. Also, we had no electrical lights running to the wall we want to put them on, so we had to improvise.

The “Magic Light” concept is, basically that of taking battery powered lights and sticking them to a light fixture so that no electricity is required! It sounds crazy, but let me tell you… IT WORKS!

I ordered the light fixtures off of Amazon. Click the picture below to take them straight to your cart!

You will notice that the lights are black…I simply took my favorite chalk spray paint and transformed them into the most perfect shade of white. I have tried so many different chalk spray paints, but this is by far my favorite!

Then, I removed the entire lighting system from inside the fixture…the wires, the screwed in holder…everything!

The reason for this, is so that the “hockey puck” lights below can sit right in the inside of the light fixture flat. These lights are awesome! They are touch, remote powered and the batteries can easily be changed! They are really great for any closet or small nook in your home as well!

I just used 10 lb Velcro and laid it flat on the inside of the light so that the bottom of the puck light would stick right to it! Seriously the easiest thing ever!

I would be careful about the size of your velcro if you are hanging your lights where people can easily see directly under them. The will be able to see the velcro if you don’t size it right.

For hanging the lights, I used two inch screws and screwed them right into the wall…no stud, no anchor…just screw! Why?? The lights are so light, you don’t need to even worry about them falling. It was so easy and took the hubby and I about 2 minutes!

What do you think?? Is the diy worth it? I think so!

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