Our Story

Our Story

This week I will be sharing details of our story. I want to share this because it is beautiful and it is what God planned for us. We are not ashamed of the plan God has for us, even though it is not quite what we had planned. My hope is that it will encourage you and that you will see the joy we see. I want these words written out because I do not ever want to forget this moment in our lives. It is significant and it is special. Carter will always be apart of our lives and her story has been incredible. My daughter being in the arms of Jesus has impacted my walk with Christ more than anything I have ever experience and I am so grateful for that.

Since it is a big story, I’m going to break it up. Please do not get caught up in the sadness so much that you do not see the light. Please continue reading to the joy and hope that continues to come.

Thank you for letting me share this story and for continuing to walk with me and my family through it. We are still in constant need of prayers and encouragement, so do not for a second stop. ❤️

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