Celebration Day

Celebration Day

Well, today is the day we celebrate my sweet baby girl’s life. My emotions are all over the place. I have moments of sheer joy about coming together to worship the Lord on this day and I have total sadness when I think of our loss. I just want to hold her, to smell her and to be needed by her-somedays the loss just hurts. No one plans to have a funeral for their child. It most definitely was no where on my radar. Even when they couldn’t find the heartbeat the first time, her dying was not once in my mind. I was more worried about when I could eat after my glucose test. Not once did I process loosing my baby in that moment.

Suffering and pain is never planned. We never look at life through a darkened lens until we have to. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair. But we live in a fallen world, and the pain and suffering of that fallen world touches our lives too. Nothing will be fair or perfect until we get to Heaven, which is we’re my little girl is. She is not suffering, she is not in pain. She does not have to walk to the trials of life. She is in the loving arms of my Savior and for that I have much to rejoice.

We know that our sovereign God makes no mistakes and that he is using her life to carry out a much greater plan than we could ever imagine. We will miss our little girl, but knowing that we will see her again one day how we can rejoice and celebrate in our suffering.

Our hope is that you understand that our relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way we can see things in this light and it is where all of our peace comes from. We serve a GOOD God, who is faithful and never failing.
Knowing that all thing are working for His good, changes the way any of us can handle any trial. Through our relationship in Him we know that Carter’s life was no mistake. He is using her in mighty ways and that is all we could have ever asked for as parents.

We look forward to seeing everyone today to celebrate her life and to worship!

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