DIY Baby Gate

DIY Baby Gate

Long were the days when we could sit our beloved child down and minutes later he would be in the exact same spot. Camden Wallace Partee is all boy, all the time and one heck of a fast one at that. 

It took me about 50 times of sitting him in the living room, running to the kitchen to stir my dinner, looking up and seeing him on the stairs for me to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 

The issue we had was our stair bannisters and spindles. A typical baby gate would not work. A fabric one was too hard to flexible, a sliding one was going to ruin my floors and a piece of cardboard wouldn’t stand to my main man. 

We had a time coming up with what to do. We wanted it to be removable and for it to not leave any damage! 

My genius and innovative gummy came up with this design for the door to hook onto. 

We padded the inside so it wouldn’t lean with old rags and spacers. 

Overall, I think it turned out amazing and it serves its purpose! 

If you or anyone you know is interested in having one made, let us know! Caleb got a new nail gun for his birthday and I’m biting at the chomps to use it! 

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