Ledge Shelving

Ledge Shelving

I have been dying to work on this wall in our home. In my mind, this large plain walk needs to be removed to open our house up more. However, since it is a load bearing wall- that won’t be happening until Camden gets a job. 

I have been so stumped with what to do. It is an 8 foot wall but our ceilings in that room are at least 15 feet so the room feels so tall. 

We are currently shiplapping the fireplace to bring in some height and drama to the main focal wall and in the mean time, I felt like I finally found something to do with this wall. 

While perusing on Pinterest, I saw these ledge shelves and people raving about the ease. I really wanted something that wasn’t pricy and honestly I think I just didn’t want to measure the wall and spacing for a picture wall. 

After finishing this project, I can honestly say- it was so easy, and fun! 

I never knew how fun a nail gun could be!! If you’re thinking of doing something dramatic with one of your walls then check out this easy step by step! 

Materials needed for one 6ft long shelf. (
You can easily get wood cut at a different length and precut at 4, 8, and 12 feet.)

For one shelf: ($11 in wood)

1- 1x2x6 


4-2 inch finishing nails

3-2 inch screws

Nail gun( not necessary but WAY easier and fun)

Wood glue


1.  I started off by sanding each piece of wood to smooth out the edges. It is up to you how perfect you get. Since my home is more of the farmhouse feel-rough is how I like it. 

2. You can either paint it now or at the end. I think it’s better to paint it later so you can touch it up but it is up to you! 

3. Take the two 1x4x6 pieces of wood and glue them together. Since my frames were really heavy I chose to use 2 inch screws to hold the pieces together. If your doing a small shelf or light frames you could use the two inch finishing nails. 

4. Glue the 1x2x6 to the bottom 1x4x6 or  bottom of the shelf. Then for looks, use the 2 inch finishing nails and nail gun instead of screws. SO SO fun! Seriously. All I want to do now is find something that needs nailing. 

5. Paint or stain your shelves. White   spray paint was my choice. I almost stained then but then I revisited my goal with this project and it was to lighten up the space and make the room feel bigger. The spray paint needed two coats but I made it look more rustic by leaving some of the wood character exposed. Style is totally up to you! 

6. Measure on your wall where you want the shelves to go and find the studs. Since my frames were heavy I did three stud holes and used a two inch screw. . The best thing is that once the frames are on you really can’t see the screws. I taped on the wall where I wanted the shelves and marked on the tape where the studs were which made hanging a breeze. 

7. Before you screw it on make sure to lay it out on the floor with the frames to get the correct spacing. I used 11×14 pictures and 16×20 frames that I got at At Home for $20 which was a lot cheaper than I have seen! The brown wooden frames are 11×14 with 8×10 picture that I got from Hobby Lobby. IKEA is also a great option for inexpensive but good looking frames. 

6. Hanging the shelves was a breeze. Since the tape was there to go by, I just screwed in the middle of the shelf and then leveled it out and screwed the ends. Putting a pilot hole in the wood also helped stop splitting. It was so easy to hang that I actually hung the top shelf on my own, holding the shelf in one hand and my Robi in the other! So Easy!
I love the way it looks and if you like me, I love looking at our pictures. Every time I look at this wall it makes me smile! It was an easy inexpensive way to make our house fill more like our home! 

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