Weathered Wood for an Unfurnished House

Weathered Wood for an Unfurnished House

So one of our challenges when moving was that we were lacking SO much furniture. We seriously had one bed, one couch and two chairs. When we moved in I envisioned this totally decorated house and but in reality, our apartment living didn’t fill it one bit! When I started looking at furniture my favorite was Pottery Barn. However, at thousands of dollars just to start we could not touch it! A side table was $900! Get out of here! I tried so hard to find an alternative but my journey was not going well. 

Until one day on Pinterest I say a blog post of a farmhouse room. The furniture in it was the exact wood I was looking for.

 Luckily she put the link to I went on and the furniture really didn’t look as good as her picture. It looked so much better in her picture than online. After looking at the prices I decided to go for it! 

I ended up ordering 9 pieces from there and I could not be happier!! The quality is amazing. Each piece is packaged like IKEA does and you have to build it following EASY instructions. Warning: it is solid! I could not lift any of the boxes, even the little bedside tables! 

We ended up ordering from the Dakota Pass collection for our living room and the Cannery Bridge for our bedroom and music room. 

Also, shipping was incredible. It shipped the very next day. I even found that if you write a review they will send you a coupon for 15%off and free shipping on your next order. BooYa! 

Here are the pieces we got! Seriously, they look better in person. They look like old weathered wood. I love them so much!! 

This coffee table is our favorite. Forget the TV trays and get the table that brings food to you 😜

This piece was another favorite of mine, we just didn’t have anywhere to put it! Seriously, I have seen this exact piece go for $1200! 

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