Listen up peeps! If you are tired of all the emails from stores flooding your account but you still want great deals-I’ve got news for you!

For about two years, I have been using the Shopular App and ever since then shopping has never been easier! No more searching for emails in line and hoping the signal is good.

All you need to do is download the Shopular App. The first thing you will be prompted to do is pick the stores that you want to receive updates on. The best thing is that there is no limit!

Then from there you will have a home screen and I don’t have your favorite stores.

But if you’re like me any you shop everywhere you can always search if you’re at a store that you usually don’t receive updates on.

Usually I pull up the app when I get in line to check out and by the time I’m at the register I have exactly what I need pulled up.

Instead of signing up for emails at each store you can just click on the store that you’re at and view all the promo codes or discounts that store has available at the time.


















When you’re ready to check out you can click view in store coupon

And voilà your husband automatically loves you more…right honey? 

Enjoy saving money!!


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