Our Fixer Upper

Our Fixer Upper

I remember the day we drove by it the first time. I remember making Caleb slam on brakes and turn around so we could see it again. I remember how excited I got-even though we were just on another one of our weekend house hunting trips. I texted Liz, my sister in law/realtor immediately and she had our showing set up within a day. Something about this house was so special. 

It was something I was most definitely not looking for. I had in my mind a legit fixer upper, one that would make JoJo proud. Caleb had in his mind more of what this house was: traditional and already fixed up.  When we walked in, it was like a sense of peace overtook us. You could tell this was a house that was loved on. You could tell a family was created here and that God was in this house. It had a yard, it had rooms for kids, it was open and it was in Belmont. It fit all the requirements.

Even though the decor and style was very outdated- I could easily see a blank slate and ideas were beaming in my head. 

Thankfully God knew that my then pregnant self could not handle a total fixer upper. I almost died just re- painting the walls in this house. 

However, one of my most favorite things is home decor. I am having the best time turning this house into a home and I can not wait to share some of the things we have done since we have been here! We’re coming up on one year and it finally is feeling like our forever home. 

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