Biblical Lettering

Biblical Lettering

I have been so inspired by Bibles and Coffee on Insta recently. I love how she creates such beautiful art out of Gods Word.

I have been dying to learn hand lettering and thanks to all of my calligraphy dreams are coming true! Kelly has made a tutorial filled with easy traceables and practice drills! This is the bundle I purchased and I have gotten so much better because of it. I will say, this is one of the hardest things I have ever tried! It takes so much thought. Up light,down hard,up light, down hard. I have to breathe and really slow down. Slowing down in my hectic world has been so hard to do and I think that is why I have loved finding this outlet! Check out this bundle and give it a try!!

Here are the pens I have been using! I chose the coral shades. 

Lets learn lettering together!

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