Easy DIY Fire Pit

Easy DIY Fire Pit

So here’s the back story…as you can see we had this awful bush growing in our side yard. I didn’t mind it, I just could not keep up with it! It grew so fast, it was all we could to to keep it looking decent.

I made the call to my landscapers (Caleb and my dad)to cut it down and after a long days work they were done. However, since this bush had a mind of its own, the root of it was totally indestructible.  My hubby worked for at least another hour just trying to get the stump to budge with an axe. Another day he tried burning it-keyword tried. It would not move.

The grass around this bush was all dead because the bush was just that big.  We didn’t have the extra money for a tree stump removal service. Since there was a huge circle of no grass and a stump that wouldn’t move we had to get thinking.

I had seen this picture on Pinterest a while ago and loved it!

I knew I was on to something.
We went to Lowe’s and purchased the material:

  • Umteenmillion bags of white rock pebbles
  • 3 bags of lava rocks
  • 35 paver blocks
  • Edging materials

Building it was so simple. It just took some labor!

We put the pavers where we wanted and filled in the hole with the lava rocks. Then from there we staggered the pavers around and went thee levels up making sure to leave two holes for air to get to the fire.  The fire pit perfectly covered the old stump! 

After the pit was build we edged out the large circle where the small rocks would go and we filled it in with the pebbles.

No my dream was to have four adorondack chairs around the pit. However, at about $250 a pop that just wasn’t in our budget. So after a lot of looking, I found these on Walmart.com for $60 each! They look so good for the price! I build them myself in about 30 minutes and it was so easy. I could not be happier with the product. 

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