My Why

My Why

I have always had such a strong passion for all things southern. I have dreamed of the day where I would own my own house, plant my own plants, and decorate things exactly how I wanted to. The Lord saw it fit that my 24 year old self and my 25 year old husband should be homeowners early. This title that I have always dreamed of, has been such a learning experience and it still is. I feel like everyday we are trying to just figure out life and I wanted a way to share it with the world.  Let’s get real for a minute-being a real life Chip and JoJo is hard- unless you’re earning six figures, their budget is just not realistic for my britches! I am going to be a JoJo in a world full of Kardashians and share ideas that a blue collar family can afford!

This special place, that has taken a lot of thought and guts is a place where I can share ideas, tips and tricks that we are learning everyday.  From home decor to shopping steals, and gardening to hand lettering…I will pretty much cover it all.

I really feel like I have been given this drive to share what’s on my mind-quite frankly because there just anymore room for my in my head. All day my mind goes 100MPH and it’s finally time to jot it down and clear my mind.
Thanks for joining me as we live life simply southern 💙

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