Summer Blaise


My name is Summer Blaise. I am a wife, mother, homeowner, and interior decorator. I am a recently retired teacher who decided it was time to be a stay at home mom/ pursue another love of mine…interior decorating! Summer Blaise Designs has been a dream to start. From shopping lists and money saving projects to revamps and total renovations, I can pretty much do it all! My goal in my business is to help others make their homes feel like the most special place in the world…after all, we do spend our life paying for it! Why be uncomfortable in it?!
I am so excited you are joining me on this new journey! Thank you for supporting my business and making my dreams come true! If you have any questions about how I can help in your home, send me a message and let’s get the ball rollin! I’d love to help!




Services offered:

  • Interior Decorating
  • Same Day Home Staging
  • Online Shopping Lists



Are you ready to make your house feel like your home? Is there a room in your home that needs new flavor? Did you recently move to your dream home and now need help with paint selection, furniture placement, and decorating choices?Whether starting with a blank canvas or have lived in a space for years, I can help you achieve all of your home design dreams! Your home is your biggest investment you probably will ever make…with my design services, you can make that investment worth it! I will listen and collaborate with you every step of the way so that the end result is a space exactly the way you envisioned.  Contact me for more information!


Why do we only stage our homes when we’re ready to sell? Don’t you want to live in a home you love to look at? Do you love the looks of rooms in magazines, or the homes staged for selling? Are you wanting your current home to have the same feel? I sure did. I want the chargers, the extra plates, the flowers and the candles. ALL THE TIME. This same day staging service is my favorite! I will come to your home for a consult and from there I will shop and purchase all the items I believe will make your home have that “Southern Living” feel. After that, I will bring them straight to your house for the install that evening. Can you even imagine?? All your dreams done in a day? You can rest easy that night looking at a perfectly staged home.


Do you have a room or rooms in your house that you are tired of walking in to? Let me help! I will send you a list, complete with links the things I think will make your space-based on your families budget. It’s literally never been easier to love your home! Just click and let the UPS man do all the work!